Train hard fight easy, learn to speak as well as you think

You possess expertise in your professional field at the very highest level. You know as no other what sets your products and services apart from the rest. But how can you turn your know-how into an effective sales pitch or convert it into a convincing commercial message? How can you strike a balance between the nuts and bolts of your technical expertise and a clear, appealing commercial presentation?

HollandVanKessel&Partners can help you do just that. We can tailor a sales or presentation training course just for you. Individually or in a small group. To-the-point, interactive and practical. With results you can rely on.

Working on commercially successful account management

We have spent more than 30 years developing our proven method for effective sales training courses for the B2B sector. Our approach is distinctive, because our courses focus on you. This is precisely what makes our work so fascinating. And this is why we design our courses with your sector and your specific job in mind. Our method is based on ‘learning by doing’. Personal, engaged and with a hands-on orientation: we’ll work with you to build a solid foundation for successful account management.

Enhance your presentation and sales skills

Over the past 30 years HollandVanKessel&Partners have provided enthusiastic training and coaching to more than 20,000 professionals. Professionals from a range of companies, both foreign and domestic. Multinationals and supermajors. From IT to finance, from pharma to construction, from petrochemical to biotech, and from banks to insurance companies. Whatever your field of expertise, we’ll assist you in raising your presentation and sales skills to the next level and beyond, helping you to enhance your commercial skills even if your background is in technology.
The result: improved sales and successful business partnerships.

Read more about our training courses

  • Our Sales Consulting Skills programme is designed to improve the commercial skills you'll need as an engineering consultant in tendering procedures, for example.
  • Our Business Presentation Skills programme will teach you you how to present complex technical information while ensuring the commercial message reaches your prospects: structured, relaxed and convincingly.

In-company, private coaching or open enrolment

• We can develop an in-company training course exclusively for your company or team (fully customized, ask for a quote).

• Would you prefer personal guidance? Then opt for private coaching: one-on-one and fully customized to your wishes. You might consider a combination of Business Presentation Skills and the Media Training module (€2,389 per person per day).

• We also offer courses based on open enrolment (€1,389 per person per day)


Consulting Skills course participants:

• ‘Fantastic course.’
• ‘By far the best course we’ve ever had. Everyone still talks about it.’
• ‘Incredible results! Since taking the course we’ve brought in 23 new clients.’
• ‘The method has been a real eye-opener for me. It really took away obstacles to doing business. This was by far one of the best courses I’ve taken in years.’

Private Coaching participant:

• ‘There’s no doubt about it: you really do get what you pay for.’

Course venue

Both our group training courses and our private coaching sessions for executives takes place in an inspiring business venue: previously in De Wittenburg Castle in Wassenaar, now in Fletcher hotel at the Loosdrechtse Plassen in the heart of the Netherlands.

Our course participants are very enthusiastic about the venue and all amenities. In the summer, we can serve lunch on board of our private pleasure craft if desired. 

Fletcher hotel is located on the Loosdrechtse Plassen and has recently been voted one of the best business meeting locations in the Netherlands.








Testimonial Training Business Presentation Skills 2016


Did the training BPS-skills live up to your expectations?

Yes it did and gave me even more than I expected 

U. Carrado, International company  produces electrochemical applications


Testimonial Training Business Presentation Skills 2018

Did the training BPS-skills live up to your expectations?


Zeker een training die ik anderen aanbeveel 

R. Klaassen, Global IT technology solutions



Testimonial Training Business Presentation Skills 2015

Did the training BPS-skills live up to your expectations?


Better. Wasn’t looking forward to present, but ended up enjoying it.

M. Baill, business Electronic Beam curing, manufacture of high pressure laminateBetter.