Executive coaching for successful decision-makers

Van Kessel & Partners provides exclusive training courses to business executives based on more than 30 years of experience. We love what we do, and you’ll appreciate our unparalleled commitment to our craft. We offer all of our courses in an in-company format: group training courses for a team at our exclusive course venue. Another popular option is private coaching: one-on-one and fully tailored to your individual needs.

1. Corporate training courses for executives

When providing executive coaching, we emphasize your team’s educational needs: what kinds of issues do your executives have to deal with? It’s all about your business and your specific learning needs, in relation to your customers. In our Sales Consulting Skills course, for example, this means that we emphasize your storyboard or focus on building your relationships with customers.

"In our Business Presentation Skills course, the emphasis is squarely on optimizing your PowerPoint presentation, your presentation skills and dealing with nerves and stage fright"

"Corporate executive training – your business in the spotlight"

Corporate training courses are always tailor-made. Specially developed for your executives, focused on your vision. We focus exclusively on your company and your business, paying extra attention to the skills your individual executives need to work on.

Registering for an corporate training course and the fees

There are two ways to register for an corporate training course:

• by phone: +31 (
0) 6 50500062 (secretariat)

• by e-mail: jet@vankesselpartners.com (owner-manager and lawyer)

The price per executive is €1,389 per day, excluding 21% VAT, including a great venue with amenities, free parking, assessment forms, hand-outs and more.

Group discounts are possible for enrolments of five executives or more.On request, the participants may take a refresher course of four hours within one year (an additional fee applies).

2. Private coaching for executives

Would you prefer individual coaching? We tailor our private coaching for executives to your business, career, motivation and personal development. The day is completely devoted to you and your business skills and materials (PowerPoints, value propositions, speech).

We will record you on camera while you work through our pragmatic and interactive exercises, and we will provide you with personalized feedback. The role-play scenarios and case studies come directly from your own professional practice, and are geared to your learning needs and personal goals.

"Using video recordings will help you to understand the needs of your
business partners 
much better when at the negotiating table, and your
presentation skills will improve markedly".

Popular private coaching: Business Presentations Skills

‘Learn to speak as well as you think.’ We will teach you this skill and you will feel your confidence grow when you are called on to give presentations, enabling you to get your commercial message across to a large audience. HollandVanKessel&Partners will teach you sure-fire techniques to connect with your listeners effectively. Read more about Business Presentation Skills.

Fees for private coaching

The fees for private coaching are €2,389 excl. 21% VAT per day, including 7 hours of private coaching, customization, the trainer’s preparation time, materials, our beautiful venue with amenities, free parking, assessment forms, videotaping, personalized feedback and hand-out.

Inspiring venue on the Loosdrecht Lakes

Both our group training courses and our private coaching sessions for executives takes place in an inspiring business venue: previously in De Wittenburg Castle in Wassenaar, now in the Fletcher hotel in Loosdrecht (Breukeleveen) in the heart of the Netherlands. Our course participants are very enthusiastic about the venue and all amenities.The hotel is located on the Loosdrechtse Plassen and this fantastic location has very complete business facilities. For meetings but also for professional training courses.

During our training, Van Kessel offers a fully catered lunch in the new, luxurious restaurant Marina Lounge. Marina Lounge is a completely new concept, where you can enjoy fresh fish, shellfish and crustaceans, but also for a tasty salad.