Business Presentation Skills. Learn to speak as well as you think!

You present ideas more often than you are aware of. Customer presentations, lectures, meetings, fairs, pitches, conferences, and so on. But how do you make sure that you get your message across and that you close the sale? What makes messages stick?

Our Business Presentation Skills course will teach you how to present your story in a structured, relaxed and convincing way. The course is aimed at anyone who gives presentations such as managers, engineers, CFOs and CEOs, account managers, sales managers, technical managers and directors.

Structure of the Business Presentation Skills training course

Public speaking is key in our Business Presentation Skills course, in which we will teach you how to emphasize your core message. You will gain new insights and learn new skills during this one-day course that will enable you to speak with confidence. You will identify, structure and present your message with conviction. In addition, you will develop skills that will help you to relax while speaking in public, ensuring that you make an excellent impression.

"We make use of practical exercises in small groups, and we provide
you with constructive, personalized feedback.
The result: you’ll make a natural and convincing impression by just being yourself.

You will speak as well as you think".

PowerPoint as a means to an end, not a means unto itself

Many speakers write out their entire presentation word-for-word, or create wearisome PowerPoint decks that they recite verbatim. This results in boring, protracted presentations that distract the audience from the core commercial message.

Our presentation course will teach you how to use PowerPoint effectively and how to give your presentation spontaneously and with panache. You will learn how to tell a logical and clear story yourself rather than relying on the content of your slides. Everyone will be able to follow your presentation, and your commercial message will hit home.

Enhance your presentation skills with the right body language

When presenting, you not only communicate with your voice, but also with your body. Your nonverbal communication is important: this is what makes people decide if they trust you and want to do business with you. Nervous behaviour is distracting; think of fidgeting, saying ‘uhm’ too often or poor posture.

We will also help you to enhance your physical presentation skills. You will learn how you can use your body (posture, eyes, gestures) to project the desired image and to exude confidence. You will overcome your fear of public speaking. You will face your listeners full of confidence, relaxation and energy.

Speaking in public is not a circus act!

Our Business Presentation Skills training course will focus on the strength of your personality. You will achieve credibility and conviction by learning to be yourself. Speaking in public is not a circus act performed by a trained monkey! It’s all about your own professional presentation, and just being yourself. After all, you’ve become who you are today thanks to your personality and your perseverance.

“The Business Presentation course is all about improving your own
presentation skills and perfecting your PowerPoint presentations while l
etting your own unique personality shine through.”

Registration and fees

You can register for our Sales Consulting Skills course in a number of ways:

• by phone: +31 (0)6 50500062 (secretariat)
• by e-mail: (owner-manager and lawyer)
• or by filling in the form included in the list of training dates.

The training course lasts a single day, from 10:00 to 17:00.

The fee for the course is €1,389 excl. 21% VAT per participant by open enrolment, including our excellent venue and amenities, assessment forms and hand-out. Optional: a refresher course (4 hours) within one year.

We also offer an in-company group training course, which is fully customized to your needs. Please contact us for fees and further details.

Many executives opt for private coaching. The fee for private coaching is €2,389 excl. 21% VAT per participant per day, including all amenities. Private coaching is fully tailored to your specific needs based on your business and position. It goes without saying that confidentiality is assured.