Effective sales training course using on-camera exercises

Effective sales training course using on-camera exercises

Our Sales Consulting Skills (SCS) course is specially designed for the business-to-business market. You will improve your sales skills and strike the right balance between your specialized technical expertise and a commercial attitude. The course has a practical and to-the-point structure, and we ensure that no time goes to waste.

Structure of the Sales Consulting Skills training course

Our Sales Consulting Skills course is structured, efficient and skills-oriented. Following the introduction and a brief look at the underlying theory, you will dive right into a number of pragmatic and interactive exercises. The role-play scenarios and case studies come directly from your own professional practice.
The course has a modular structure, meaning you will only focus on topics (modules) that are truly relevant for enhancing your commercial acumen as a consultant, engineer or underwriter.

40% theory, 60% on-camera exercises with personal feedback
from the instructor

You’ll learn to give a good sales pitch by doing it. You’ll do on-camera exercises that will help you to understand the customer’s needs better. You’ll then devise solutions that will help your products and services answer to your customer’s expectations even more effectively. The theory and on-camera exercises serve as a basis for structuring a persuasive sales pitch. The instructor will provide you with highly professional, personalized feedback.

Steps involved in a successful sales pitch

There are several steps involved in any successful sales pitch. You’ll practice these steps in the Sales Consulting Skills course by engaging in role-play scenarios. All of the basic elements of a successful pitch will be covered: opening the pitch, the needs assessment, the proposal, the completion of the pitch, handling objection and landing the order. The common thread has to do with building good customer relations. You will learn about different types of customers while focussing specifically on how best to build your relationship with them. Role-play scenarios will teach you how to use interview techniques to quickly identify and analyse your prospect’s particular needs.

What will you learn?

We tailor our Sales Consulting Skills course for each group and participant. Key topics that we address during the course include:

• Types of customers and their needs
• Analysing your interlocutors
• The phases of a sales pitch
• Opening the pitch
• Asking questions and listening intently
• Sales according to the Socratic method; asking Socratic questions
• Understanding the customer’s needs
• Selling value and adding value
• Presenting a persuasive proposal
• Dealing with questions and objections
• Building customer relationships
• Landing the order

Course features

• Practical
• Small groups – tailor-made
• Emphasis on personal goals
• Engaging
• Working on personal insight and a can-do mentality
• On-camera exercises and personalized feedback

Registration and fees

You can register for Sales Consulting Skills in a number of ways:

• by phone: +31 (0)6 50500062 (secretariat)
• by e-mail: jet@vankesselpartners.com (owner-manager and lawyer)
• or by filling in the form [link] included in the list of training dates.

The training course lasts a single day, from 10:00 to 17:00.
The fee for the course is €1,389 per participant excl. 21% VAT, including our excellent venue, lunch, refreshments, amenities, assessment forms and hand-out. Optional: a refresher course (4 hours) within one year. amenities, assessment forms and hand-out. Optional: a refresher course (4 hours) within one year.