Courses for Young Professionals

Young Manager Skills training course

Young professionals who are being groomed for management positions must develop new skills quickly. However, they often have too little time in their hectic schedules for proper management training programmes. HollandVanKessel&Partners has the perfect solution: a training course that gives young, up-and-coming managers a real edge in their personal and professional development: Young Manager Skills.

Why a basic skill course for young managers?

Many medium-sized companies have no formal training programme for their managers. People who perform well for the company get promoted to managerial positions. Things often go like this: there is a mound of work that must be dealt with quickly, so highly motivated workers jump in to lead the team or project. And they take on these responsibilities without management training, because few companies can afford an in-house instructor or have the resources to send their managers on multi-day training sessions. Some of these ‘instant managers’ rapidly lose their footing after their initial trial by fire.

Courses for Young Consultants

Our one-day Young Consultants training course teaches the target group how they add value to your business by underscoring your company’s vision and commercial goals. They will improve their sales acumen and their professional presentation skills, enabling them to meet and exceed commercial goals while maintaining a relaxed composure. They will develop themselves as professional consultants, which includes the acquisition and building of customer relationships in the business-to-business sector.

Better in sales, communication and customer management

Your Young Executives will learn skills that will enable them to:

• present their expertise to further your commercial goals effectively
• improve their social skills
• become better attuned to your customers’ wishes and needs by listening more intently
• elicit and identify customers’ questions and respond to them appropriately
• present their know-how persuasively
• engender confidence among your customers
• take measured risks thanks to their analytical abilities
• enhance their social skills in the area of customer relations

Following completion of the programme, your Young Professionals will have far more confidence when dealing with prospects or clients, and they will be able to present your company, product or service with aplomb. They will be able to forge solid relationships with customers based on a solid foundation of trust.

Features of the Young Professionals programme

Our training courses for Young Professionals are intensive and designed to challenge young professionals to engage in rapid personal and professional development based on practical, interactive exercises. We use a number of methods such as on-camera role-play scenarios, in which participants analyse their own actions and responses and receive professional feedback from our instructor. At HollandVanKessel&Partners we tailor our Young Executive training programmes to address their learning needs and the goals of your business.

• Results-oriented: individually tailored courses

• Practical: solid emphasis on skills development

• Interactive: the intensive training course lasts a single day, from 10:00 to 17:00. It involves on-camera practical exercises and individual feedback from the instructor.

• Self-reflection: your young professionals will really get to know their strengths and weaknesses by watching and analysing the recordings under the guidance of the instructor.

• Personal development: individual feedback and intensive coaching

• Theory linked to written assignments to promote progress

• Group exercises for team building and to forge connections

• Coaching by experienced instructors from the business community or the public sector

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to give your young professionals every advantage? Please contact our secretariat: +31 (0)35-582 2223. Our training courses for young professionals are fully tailored to your needs. Please contact us for fees and further details.